Do you find it difficult to have conversations with friends, family and colleagues about the climate crisis? Are you interested in participating in an innovative ‘citizen science’ project and gaining interesting experience and new research skills?

#TalkingClimate is a collaboration project with Climate Outreach that provides practical tools to have conversations about climate change in your daily lives – and how to come out of them feeling inspired and connected.

The sign up for this citizen science project has now closed, but we invite you to watch the webinar recordings below and to read the #TalkingClimate Handbook on How to have climate change conversations.


Webinar 1: #TalkingClimate How to have a climate change conversation

This webinar lays out the evidence base on how to have effective day-to-day conversations about climate change. We invite you to join us in a citizen science initiative to learn new research skills in public engagement on climate change and to test those skills on your friends, family and colleagues.

Webinar 2: #TalkingClimate Results and Analysis

In this webinar, Robin Webster reports back on the findings and what they mean for our recommendations on how to have good climate conversations – including the barriers we encounter, how to start conversations, and how to go on doing this in the future.