We are building a community, a movement that is fearless to face challenges of the climate crisis. Our community aims to be open, dynamic, self-organising and action-focused. Everybody who identifies with this is welcome. Join us in experimenting and taking climate action with a community of researchers, students, experts, professionals, entrepreneurs and more!


Ways to get involved

Slack channel
This is space for community discussion, connection and idea sharing. This is where you can find our active community members. You are very welcome to use this space and post freely. There are 30+ channels for specific uses, e.g. #jobs #events #talkingclimate. Join Slack now!

Exaptive is our community platform. It allows you to connect with people in the community and opens up new opportunities to work together. Find out more.


Ways to stay in the loop

Community newsletter
Our email newsletter contains brief info and updates from the alumni community team and Climate-KIC. You can sign up here

Social media
You can find us on basically all social media channels! So follow, like and share us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium & Twitter.