Movement Building Workshop

18 Nov 2019

2020 is around the corner and this will be the biggest year of climate action so far, and we want to create a community that is ready for action and to bring change to the world. And this is why we need you!

Because in order to create such a community, we first need to define its values and purpose. These are some questions we are exploring together with the Social Change Agency (SCA), who will help our community to find its identity and brand. SCA has been doing some great work with Extinction Rebellion and other movements, so we are very excited that we as Climate-KIC Alumni community have the opportunity to work with them.

SCA will be running a movement building workshop to explore questions around the purpose, values and shared identity of an empowered and active community. This workshop will take place in Amsterdam on 18 November 2019.

This is your chance to let your voice heard on what direction we should go in as a community and how we can contribute to solutions for the climate crisis.